Brandy Pipe

brandy pipe

Put down your boring old brandy tumblers and drink your Brandy like a gentleman with this ever so suave Brady Pipe.

Any Gentleman worth his salt will know that sipping alcohol through a straw enhances its flavor, greatly increases the surface are that receives air to it, and brings a certain warm buzz along with it. But any Gentleman worth his salt will also never bee seen sipping his liquor through a straw. Now Gentleman of all kinds of saltiness can have the best of both worlds with this ever so classy Brandy Pipe.

The design for these Pipes comes loosely  from the 17th century objects known as Schnapps Pfeiffen, which were similar object created to sips ones port through, which are available to purchase here. A set of 4 hand blown Port pipes would make a wonderful accoutrement to your brandy pipes, and really fill out your fantasy of being a hobbit.

If one were so inclined, one could also use this for those novelty drinks that involve floating one type of liqueur on top of another. Now, a gentle,man never mixes his alcohols, but if you popped some drambuie on top of your brandy, you could enjoy a brandy, then a drambuie without having to get up in between drinks.  Marvellous.

These ever so unusual drinking vessel is a great talking point, a great drinking object and sure to be a hit with the ladies.


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