Zombie Kitty Plush

Zombie Kitty

This adorable undead kitty will give your children nightmare for years to come, and ensure that, when the time comes, the kids will ask for a puppy in stead of a cat. Win win, in my opinion.

This little cutey’s name is Fluffenrot, which is just about the greatest name ever, if you ask me. Fluffenrot is just the right amount of creepy and cuddly all rolled into one furry package, and comes in at about 6 inches tall. So if this is not the grossest 6 inches you have ever seen, then it might be time to get your self tested.

While Fluffenrot looks like he is ready to fall apart at the next stiff breeze, these things are actually made from pretty high quality material, and are made to last through this life and the next. The next being undead, not heaven  Just clearing that up.

Fluffenrot also has a couple of friends available to purchase, Lucky and Jangles, get them here before they are gone.

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