Spillnot No-Spill Mug Holder

spill not mug holder


Are you frustrated at your inability to carry a cup of hot liquid ,more than two feet with dropping it. Are you constantly changing clothes because you are more often then not drenched in scalding hot coffee? Well fear hot water no longer, with this Spillnot No Spill Mug holder.

hangy cuppy thingy

In all seriousness, this is actually pretty damn cool. The flexible loop handle of the cup ensures that you cant deliver any lateral force to the cup when it is on the handle and being carried. As it gains momentum, it rises up and moves in the opposite direction, creating prefect balance and ensuring that everything stays in the cup. Or so I am told. Basically its the same as when you get a bucket with some water in it and swing it around your head like an idiot.

Actually, I cant vouch for any of this. Lets just say that the water stays in by magic.

Whilst this might seem like nothing but a novelty to most people, there are groups of the community that will actually find something like this remarkable useful, such as elderly or disable people. Or people who drink too much caffeine and just cant stop their hands from shaking. Even if you do spill it, the bottom of the holder has an absorbent little coaster in it to catch and soak up any errant drops of liquid that heroically manage to escape the cup.

Whichever group you belong to, the spill not mug holder is here to save the day.


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