Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

chocolare covered gummy bears

Gummy Bears are delicious. Chocolate is Delicious. Delicious + Delicious = Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. Yes, you would do well to fear my math, it knows not the boundaries of logic.

Six of your favorite flavors (Strawberry, pineapple, lemon, cherry, apple, orange and meth) as Gummy Bears make up this 2 lb, yes, you read that right, a 2 lb package of chocolate covered gummy bears.

Just when I thought that the very premise of chocolate covered gummy bears could not possibly any better, I find out that it comes delivered straight to my door by the pound.
Fair be warned though, the sales page stresses over and over again that this might not be the best item to get shipped in warm weather. Could there be a sadder sight than 2 pounds of melted chocolate and gummy bears moulded together  in one giant inedible blob. I doubt it.

White Chocolate Covered Gummy BearsOr, if brown Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears aren’t your thing (can you tell that I really like typing out Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears), then perhaps these white chocolate covered gummy bears are more to your taste. Sadly these are only sold by the pound, but these are made in Sweden from quality Swedish white chocolate. Its like Swiss chocolate, but Sweeder.


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