Pac-Man Heat Sensitive Mug


Add some gaming flavour to your breakfast with this Pac Man heat sensitive mug. Just a plain old Pac Man panoramic scene when at room temperature or with cool water in it, simply add boiling water to make Pac Man and his ghostly friends appear right before your eyes.

If you were a bit of a Pac Man fan during the day, this is a great way to start your morning off with a good dose of nostalgia with your toast.

pac man heat sensitive mugIt comes with a sexy presentation box for the retail prices so it is a great gift idea for anyone who pines for the gaming days of yore. When games were actually hard, and completing them actually meant something. The kids these days need to have their frigging hand held the whole way through.

Half of the idiot children we breed today would never finish a game if at every single doorway it didn’t say “press x to open”. That’s how moronically spoon-fed these kids have become, coupled with the incessant need for validation. Oh you turned the game on, have an achievement. You entered your name, have an achievement. You managed not to somehow not cut off your foot with the 6 foot chainsaw attached to the end of your gun, which is only because the game wont let you, have a bloody achievement.

Give me Pong, Super Mario Brothers and Pac Man any day, and get off my lawn.

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