Unofficial Steam Specials

Today I am using this opportunity to promote an Android app that I worked on ages ago called Unofficial Steam Specials. This was essentially a learning tool for me to try and learn a bit of Android Programming, so it is not overly complex or particularly useful, but it is something that I am quite proud of none the less.

All it does is show a list of all the games that are currently on sale over at Steam.

It was made quite some time ago, during my spare time, and again let me stress that it was nothing more than a learning tool for me to practice my ever so rusty programming skills. It was taken off the Google Play Store at the request of Valve. Valve were very nice about the whole thing and actually took the time to explain that it was because of how it was named, and the fact that I was blatantly stealing their Steam logo, but they did say that if I changed the name and the logo, that they had no problem with me placing it back on the Android store. I never actually bothered with it as their official app was far FAR better than anything I could even conceive. But much to my delight I received a few emails asking for the APK, as they preferred my streamlined version to the official app.

It has taken me months to find the time to change it all and get it working (knock on wood) again, but finally after a long weekend, I popped it back up again and here we go.

Look, its rubbish, I know it, you know it, Valve knows it, but I spend so many hours getting this damn thing to work that it seems a shame to shelve it entirely.

So its back up. Huzzah!


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