Big Teeth Pacifier

 big teeth pacifier

Add some flavour to your babies mouth with this Big Teeth Pacifier. Your baby will absolutely love the attention this dentist approved toothy pacifier will get, and mom and dad will too!

Big Teeth Pacifier

Designed for kids from 3 months and up, this comes with an 100% safe silicone orthodontic nipple, as well as as a mouth guard made from totally baby safe material, you can rest assured that this is not just a bargain bin novelty item. Ok it might be a slight novelty item, but you can rest assured that it wont harm anything other than your babies dignity.

Whilst, again, it might not look like anything other than a novelty, this is actually quite a high quality dummy. It has a great contoured mouth shield with two holes for ventilation and spit to dribble out of, and it complies with all US government regulations for pacifiers.

The best part about this is that not only is this guaranteed to get a grin from your child, if Nana or pop is reminiscing of their long lost toothy grin, they can pop this in for family photos, so that they wont feel silly being the only one without teeth. Or maybe that is just me trying to find a way to get Nan back for always cheating when we play poker.


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