DotA 2 Inflatable Courier


Dota 2 Inflatable Donkey Courier

Fans of Dota will recognise this fragile little fellow instantly. The donkey courier who has spent many an hour bringing me various goods to pwn newbs with, can now be sent on personal errands around your own home. Granted, he might not actually make the trip, but its nice to pretend.

Select courier, “go to” fridge, “pick up” beer, “return to” hero. The hero is me in this situation, well in most situations really, but particularly in this o

dota2 zonkey courier

He stands three feet tall when fully erect, which is no mean feat. What’s more, he comes with a special DotA 2 in-game unlock code for the Zonkey Courier.

Sadly, in reality you really shouldn’t sit  on him, especially if you are on overweight 30-year-old man-child who os ordering me a new one as we speak.

Also available from the Valve store right now for half price @ $19.99. Sold out

Thinkgeek is also having an ass sale with theirs coming in at $10 (as of 12th Aug 2013).

Just riding a donkey courier, no biggie


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