Dog Beer – Beer for Dogs

Dog Beer

Beer for Dogs. Just when I thought that Seattle couldn’t get much weirder, they throw out something like this at the world. Bowser Beer is the worlds first non-alcoholic beer made specially for dogs.

Bowser Beer comes in two different flavours for the canine beer connoisseurs out there, Beefy Brown Ale and Cock-A-Doodle-Brew. They even have a range of finger (paw?) foods  like peanut butter pretzels and liver treats. Now you can rest assured that your dog will never feel the shame of  having no beer or pretzels at the bar again.

The makers, 3 Busy Dogs, also make available the offer to print out custom labels with photos of your dog right there on the laDoggy Beerbel, which really makes me wish Heineken did this for me. It feels strange being jealous of my dogs beer company.

The creator of this delightful drink took over a year on research and describes it as a healthy meat broth with vitamins that dogs need, barley and glucosamine which promotes healthy joints in your little woofy friends, while containing no carbonation, hops, alcohol or any of that other pesky stuff contained in regular beer that is actually poisonous to our doggy friends.

The good news is that while normal beer is poisonous to dogs, the opposite is not true. While it was not to my personal taste, one might describe Bowsers Brew as a sweetish meat broth with a hint of shame.

to much doggy beer

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