Cyberman Etch-A-Sketch

Doctor Who Cyberman Etch A Sketch


This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I was just a little bit younger so I could get away with being all hipster and play with this Cyberman Etch a Sketch in public.

Thankfully though, being a mother allows me to buy my kids toys, then play with them myself. I will admit to something horrible though, I am often tempted to send them to their rooms when I want a go at whatever toy they are playing with. I am happy to say I have not given into this temptation… yet.

I do honestly wish this Etch a Sketch was just a tad bigger though. I mean, yeah its fine for the kids, but what about mom?!

Cyberman etch a sketch

All in all this is great. Officially licensed and full of great potential for some wibbley wobbley etch a sketch masterpieces!


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