Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Big Head Squirrel Feeder

2013 is the Chinese year of the snake, and it seems fitting that this should be the year to coincide with the American Year of the Shamed Squirrel. This big headed squirrel feeder does just that, mock and shame our furry little friends to the delight of their human masters.

Hang this five and a half by eight inch squirrel feeder in your backyard, fill it with squirrelly nutrition and mock away!

Big Headed Squirrel Feeder

While a cat might never show his face in the neighbourhood again after being seen eating from such a contraption, squirrels have no such shame, and will merrily exercise their right to look like dorks. Here’s a small tip, they freaking love peanut butter. Smear a small amount of peanut butter on the inside to make the squirrel food stick and the local squirrel’s won’t be digging up your bulbs or looting the bird-feeders any-time soon. According to, bread is not so good for them, but happily they provide a thorough list of safe foods for the little guys.

This raises the very serious question whether or not it is ethical for us a humans, at the top of the food chain to humiliate and a creature that is at the very bottom of the food chain in such a way… Nah, bugger em, their just freaking squirrels!

This is a great and wonderfully unique gift for any grumpy old men who love to mock their backyard friends in the nicest way possible.

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