Unicorn Chopsticks

Unicorn Chop sticks

Unicorn Chopsticks.  Two words that in my opinion are not used together nearly enough. Unicorn Chopsticks. Isn’t it just magical. Far more magical than say, “knife” or “fork” or “spork” or “chork” or “fingers”. I for one would like a lot more magic in my mouth than my current utensils are providing, and these unicorn’s horns are just the thing.

The thing that makes these Unicorns so perfectly perfect for  putting things in your mouth with is their 9 inch long horns, which, when correctly utilized can be used to extricate food from ones plate into ones mouth, providing nutrition and mouthal enjoyment.

Unicorn Horn Chopsticks

Perfect for the whole family, or a gift for someone you truly love.

Unicorn Horns Chopsticks!  Buy them now before the unicorns that are harvested to make these get harvested out of distance’s by a culture that cares not for animal or environmental rights, but one that puts its own enjoyment and superfluous needs first and foremost. Oh, it says here that they are made from high quality food grade plastic, never mind then. Carry On.

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