Ron Swanson Bobblehead

ron fucking swanson bobblehead

As many of you know, and all of you should know, Ron Swanson is literally the best character to ever be on any television show ever.

Ron (Played by Nick Offerman) is the main character of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Others might try and argue that Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler ) is the lead character, but they would be wrong. Ron is a 19th-century rugged individualist, and has slowly but surely taken over the show with his manly ways and inspirational wisdom.

Take one look at Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness and soon you will grow from boys into men, whether you were male to begin with or not. Then from men into Gladiators. And from Gladiators into Swanson’s.

ron swansons pyramid of greatness

Also, as far as bobble-heads go, this one is of a very high quality. No half assed bobbleheads like those clowns over at Modern Family. As Ron Swanson himself would say “Never Half ass one thing. Whole ass two things” and this thing, is two whole asses.

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