8 Bit Flower Pot

8-bit-flower-pot for a nerdy valentines day

This 8 Bit Flower Pot is the perfect gift for your 8 bit princess. A fantastic analogy for your love: Never wilting, always blooming even in the darkest depths of winter. Or some sappy crap like that…

One could even write a poem about it:

Fire-Flowers are red

This power up is for you

Some blossoms that are 8 Bit

Luigi’s overalls are blue

Or something like that…. Maybe my English teacher was right and I should stay away from the poems for the sake of all mankind.

Anyways, this 13 inch 8 bit flower-pot comes with its own little stand so you can display it on your table or bookshelf, or hang it up on your wall with the little notches that are on the back of it. The perfect gift for your retro partner this valentines day, or be selfish like me and just get one for yourself and never kill another plant with lack of attention again.

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