PocketMonkey -Wallet Utility Tool

PocketMonkey product shot

Never before has a man been able to do so different things with such a tiny tool in his pants. The PocketMonkey is an ultra thin stainless steel 12 function utility tool that is no bigger than a credit card, fitting snugly in your wallet. Weighing in at a single ounce and with a thickness of 1 millimetre, this is an extremely lightweight but sturdy tool, which, unlike its cheaper Chinese brothers, will not snap the first time you try to crack open a beer with it.

Much like having an actual monkey in your pocket, this tool has a multitude of uses, check out just some of the things that the PocketMonkey can do.

Bottle Opener


Phone Kickstand

Letter Opener

5 Sized Hex Wrench


Orange Peeler

Banana Nicker

Ok, I have a feeling that the makers of the PocketMonkey were stretching out the list a little bit with the Banana Nicker. People who have trouble opening Banana’s probably should be allowed to carry around sharp knives or objects at all. But as a person who doesn’t carry around silverware at all times, the orange peeling ability makes me a genuinely happy little monkey.

Take a look at their promo video and be amazed!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyIZVTZkmpM]

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