Death Star Ice Sphere Mold


death star ice shpere mold



Your puny cubes no longer amuse me, from now on only spheres shall chill my libations.

This two-part ice tray snaps together, and is filled through a hole in the top to form one of the deadliest objects in creation, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. This Death Star measures in at 60mm, so it’s a tad smaller than the original one and its 160km diameter, but this technological terror is much easier to create.

If one were so inclined one might also be able to create chocolate death stars to adorn ones Christmas tree, or Death Star soaps for which to conquer the bathroom back from the female room mates whom have so so thoroughly invaded it.

Also, much like the original Death Star, this is dishwasher safe, and resistant to heat and cold, so you can destroy planets of any climate.

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