The Book of Beer Awesomeness



The Book of Beer Awesomeness is a fun book that explores the history of beer, proper beer drinking etiquette, the drunkenly veers into a vast array of drinking games designed to get the awesomeness of the beer inside you as quickly as possible.


Some of the chapters in Beer Awesomeness include “Brew School”, which takes you through the basics of beer, including a little history of the worlds oldest alcoholic beverage and what goes into this glorious brew, and “Beer Drinking Basics”, which covers a number of ways to open your cans, a number of names that you can call your beer and other general beery knowledge. Then it moves on to what seems like the main passion of the authors, the Drinking Games.

The more than forty included drinking games range from “Advanced”, and “Games of Skill” all the way down to “Games of no Skill and Strategy”. Most of these games essentially come down to card or dice games, or some sort of complicated ritual involving cups and quarters.

The Book of Beer Awesomeness is a good summer book that doesn’t take itself or its subject matter too seriously, and you can really tell the authors have a genuine love for the amber liquid. This book will show you just how much fun beer and reading about beer can be.


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