Legend Of Zelda Playing Cards

Zelda Playing Cards

Why play with plain old hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs when you can now play with these Cards Of Legend featuring Swords, Rupee’s, heart pieces and the legendary Triforce.

These gorgeous cards come from Swiss designer Nelde and have secured the Swiss a place in my heart forever.

All the major characters are accounted for. Link is the Jack in the Triforce club, with Princess Zelda taking her rightful place as queen with Gannon happily perched upon the throne as King.

These are some absolutely gloriously sexy playing cards, with some fantastic art and great attention to detail. Trust me, these will make any Legend of Zelda Fan just squeal with pure joy when they see these in their Christmas stocking. Trust me, I know because that’s exactly what I just did when I saw these. $15 is such a small price to pay for some of the most detailed and beautiful cards that you will likely ever see. I am seriously even considering buying a second set and getting them framed to put on my wall.



I got so excited that I made a little slide show on YouTube.

  • 56 Poker sized Playing Cards
  • Printed on supremely high quality paper with an embossed finish
  • Unique Legend of Zelda themed suits and face cards
  • Custom card backs, available in both blue and red.
  • A Gold foil security seal for freshness and a cellophane wrapper with a tear band

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