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An Omen

An Omen is the latest EP release from How To Destroy Angels, who, for the uninformed, consist of Oscar Winner Trent Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, Rob Sheridan and Trent’s Co-Oscar winning partner Atticus Ross.

An Omen is a 6 track EP which HTDA have been nice enough to provide us with as we wait patiently for their first full length album, due sometime in 2013.

Funnily enough, after spending years shouting the evils of Record Labels, this marks a return to just that for Mr Reznor, with the band having signed on to Colombia Records.

An Omen represents somewhat of a shift in musical direction from the bands self titled 2010 EP. There are some great Nine Inch Nails’esque sounds in the six songs  and a few more vocals from Mr Reznor himself,as well as big fat, techo-industrial beats and loops that NIN fans have come to know and love.

But don’t be fooled, don’t go into this expecting a Nine Inch Nails album from this EP, How to Destry Angels is something different entirely from Nine Inch Nails. Although the song The Loop Closes is does bring up some very vivid memories of an album called Year Zero from a certain band, and maybe even a particularly famous song  called Closer from same said band.

My personal favourite tracks from the 6 would be Ice Age and the Loop Closes, which manages to be something entirely new and something just a little bit familiar at the same time.

$5 will get you the digital release of the album, but if you are willing to shell out a few more dollars you can get a big sexy vinyl release of the EP, chock full of Rob Sheridans glorious artwork.

As is their way, HTDA have made the entire 6 tracks available for you to listen to so you can make up your own mind before you purchase, so take a listen, see if it doesn’t take your fancy.

? Speaking in tongues by howtodestroyangels

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