Legend of Zelda Belt Buckle



zelda belt buckle

This sexy item right here is an officially licensed Legend of Zelda cast metal belt buckle, a beautiful homage to a wonderful series of games, and a wonderful way to make your crotch a conversation starter.

It clips right on to your belt and is nice and big, so no one will mistake your pants’ gaming allegiance. It looks to me light it is the Triforce art style taken straight out of Twilight Princess, but our resident Zelda expert is telling me that it looks more like something from the Skyward Sword Era, either way it looks bad ass.

The one problem that we in the office have found with this belt buckle, is that the top of it can be a little bit of a problem for people with a bit of an overhanging belly. I personally have no such problems because of my finely honed abs, but our afore-mentioned Zelda expert stabbed his beer belly with it and ran away crying (I’m trying to get him to let me take a photo of it for journalistic purposes but he wont stop sobbing, something about not being  the Hero of Time because the  Triforce rejected him). So just keep that in mind when buying this as a gift for a stout friend.

So what is it readers, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword?

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