Monkey Wine Sock


Monkey Wine SockQuite often I am criticised for the selection of wine that I to take to parties, well thanks to this wonderful Monkey Wine Sock from Fred & Friends, I can now hide my shame with my sock. Remind’s me of college.

This would have to be a dream come true for the millions of wine sock collectors out there, now you can happily add a monkey to your collection without resorting to taking a trip to Venezuela and hunting down and skinning an actual monkey.

This is one of the dorkiest, stupidly fun things I have seen in a while, and is sure to be one of the more unique gifts under the tree with alcoholic grandma’s name on it this Christmas.

The first thing I thought when I first saw this was “There some kind of chimpagne pun in there somewhere” but I couldn’t think of anything particularly clever so you are stuck with this boring paragraph to close things out. Sorry.

party monkey


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