Mini Bat Signal

mini_batman_bat-signalGotham City, a city of cold shafts of concrete, windswept and bottomless, fading to a cloud bank of city lights, a wet, white mist, miles below me.  The streets are a soft, sad roar, unbroken and never changing  lit only by cold moonlight and the MINI BAT SIGNAL.

The Batman and his mini bat signal

Turn the lights down low and signal the tiniest Batman you can imagine. This mini Bat-Signal is a little version of the Bat Signal used by Commissioner Gordon uses to signal Batman, and mini it is indeed. It measures in at about two inches high, which is the perfect height for all your Bat-Figurines and scale models, but probably not big enough to be used as a signal for help when you are in trouble, so don’t use it as a replacement for your mace, whatever you do.

The best part is that you can actually shine the bat signal on the wall! So long as the lights are low…. and so long as its pretty close to the wall. For such a tiny light, it is actually pretty powerful considering everything. The book that comes with it is fairly basic as well, but lets be honest no one is buying this for the book.

Its a mini bat signal, it shines the bat signal on your wall or roof. Its damn cool. That’s all you really need to know.

Mini Bat Signal

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