8 Bit Community Shirt

8 Bit Community Shirt

Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne.  “Digital Estate Planning” would have to be one of the more unique episodes of one of the most wholly unique shows of the last few years, Community.

The thing that I love most about Community, other than its cast of entirely lovable characters and Pierce, is that they aren’t afraid to try something different with their episodes. They have had a zombie infestation, paint-ball wars, world record-breaking pillow forts vs blanket forts wars, and even a Law and Order episode. They were also all made from claymation for one episode, but the best would have to be  the 8 Bit episode from the end of season 3. Take a look at the opening.

Well, now there is a Shirt. Cool Cool Cool.

Also, there is a community wide effort to actually recreate the game from the episode, check it out over at http://projecthawkthorne.com/

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