Dog Skunk Costume

Dog Skunk Costume

I purchased one of these costumes to dress my Jack Russell Terrier up as a skunk for Halloween, because there is nothing scarier than having a skunk rock up to your house asking for candy. I was not prepared for the fantastic quality of the costume. The low price of $20 did not prepare me for the high quality craftsmanship that made people really believe that I had a skunk on my leash.

Little did I suspect that within an hour of wearing the costume, the dog actually started to believe the costume as well. Jack started to believe he was actually a skunk. This became somewhat problematic.

At one point during the night, we were approached by a young group of trick or treater’s dressed in various scary costumes. One was a witch, one was a mummy, and one was dressed as George Bush. Terrifying. Unfortunately for these little trick or treater’s, their costumes were far too realistic for my poor little Jack Russell, who was thoroughly terrified by the costumes and unfortunately at the time was in the process of thinking that he was a skunk, and, well, we all know what skunks do when they are threatened…

Needless to say that we were soon accosted by several furious parents who demanded to know why their precious little children were now covered in dog shit. I tried to explain it to them. That my dog was in a costume that was more than just a costume, and that he thought he was a skunk, but they stubbornly refused to listen, threatening to call the police on me for covering their children in dog faeces. I knew they wouldn’t have a case in court, the faeces covering being not mine but the costumes fault after all. But, for the sake of civility I quietly apologised, undressed my dog, and hid the costume away for another day. That kind of power needs to be saved for when it is most needed.

So be warned, this costume may be a little bit too high quality for its own good.

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