Vampire Teabags

vampire teabag

Vampire Teabags. Sometimes, you just stumble upon something on the Internet that makes you sit back and wonder what you are doing with your life, and more importantly what the hell other people are doing with theirs that they have the time and will to create something like this.

In all of the literature I have ever read, and even with the modern reinvention and fascination with Vampires I have never come across a version of Dracula where upon returning home after a long hard night of killing and mayhem, he puts his feet up and relaxes with a nice hot cup of tampon juice.

Tampon Juice, there’s a juicy phrase I never thought I would write down.

There are many different versions of this abomination of creativity, presumably so you can match it to your current arrangement of fine china.

Vampire Teabag China Tea Cup ADULT Mature Blood Tampon Why Edward Really Stayed with Bella TwilightWhy Edward Really Stayed with Bella Twilight Vampire Teabag Cup ADULT Mature Blood Tampon


Once again Internet, you have proven to me that I am fact not immune to your horrors. You win, I am quite done with you for the night.

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