Universal Remote and Bottle Opener

Remote Bottle Opener

The perfect bar just got a little bit more perfect with this 2 in one Universal Remote Control that doubles as a Bottle Opener. Never again will you suffer the indignity having to put down the TV remote to open your beer again.

This Remote comes, most importantly with a Learning function. This learning function makes it compatible with most every unit that you try to sync it up to. I had a play with one last week, and there wasn’t a single unit I found in the office that I could not hook it up to, much to my bosses chagrin. The device was taken away from me by the end of the day, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it ended up back at the bosses home, which itself stands as a great endorsement of the product. He only steals the best stuff! (I’m gambling on him not actually reading this review)

This is the perfect accoutrement for any guy’s man cave, or for just your regular old multitasking couch potato.

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