Sushezi – Easy to use Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Making Kit

If you are anything like me then you love you some sushi, but can never be bothered to go through the entire arduous process of making the damn stuff. Well Rejoice fellow lazy person, because today I present to you the best thing since sliced sushi. The Sushezi sushi roller, the best sushi making kit I have ever used.

Sushi Making KitFor $16 this will improve your quality of life to no end. Sadly it will likely also increase your belt size, because as healthy as sushi may be, remember that there is a reason that sumo wrestlers eat it non stop.

It is as easy as this: Fill each half of it up with your sushi rice, stick your other ingredients in, be it salmon, eel or elmo, clip the two halves together and give it a twist to compress it all down. Then all you have to do is to spit your newly formed sushi roll onto some nori and roll that baby up.

It might not sound it, but it is ridiculous how much easier this is than using the traditional bamboo mats to roll up your sushi. In less than 40 minutes you can have your sushi. For anyone that has ever made Sushi before, that number will probably beggar belief but trust me on this, this bad boy is a massive time saver.

So if you love sushi, this thing is a no brainer, and it also makes for a fantastic and unique gift for any friends or family that love a bit of Nori.

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