Minecraft Pickaxe

Minecraft Pickaxe

Lets get this out of the way immediately. This is not a real pickaxe, this is just a tribute. A foam tribute. Do I feel bad for making a reference that just celebrated its ten year anniversary? No. Should I? Probably. Am I getting to far off track too early? Definitely.

This is a tribute (ok, i’ll stop now I promise) to the game that has not only conquered the earth in one year, but built a scale model of it to boot, Minecraft.

This foam pickaxe is built for waaaaaaaaay more than 132 uses. Although you could have a problem digging up diamonds with it, and if you do decide to try and fight a pig with it, you could be in serious trouble.

But in all seriousness this officially licensed Minecraft pickaxe is a pretty cool piece to own, or a fantastically unique gift for that Minecraft addict in your life.

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