Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

These cool little cups are a great way to start any morning in front of the computer. The recipe is as follows Ctrl- has some salt in it, Alt – contains a small amount of tequila, and Del – has the all important lemon juice in it.

Ctrl – Alt -Del, lick sip suck. Start your morning off the right way.

Or be boring and have coffee or whatever.

Yummy YUmmy Coffee

MMMMM Tequila!

Or, if you would prefer them in white…

Ctrl Alt Del White Cups

Sadly we only had a set of the black ones, so we couldn’t get a picture of a guy with a sexy beard sipping salt out of the white ones.

They are dishwasher safe, and hold around 8 ounces each, so don’t fill them to the top with tequila or you will most likely die. They are not the sturdiest cup’s on the planet, but they are wonderfully unique and make for a great gift for your favorite nerd this christmas.

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