8 Bit Heart Belt

8 bit heart belt

8 bits are the coolest bits.

I don’t know about you, but to me gaming lost a little bit of its heart and soul when it left the 16 bit era. Modern 3D graphics can be quite nice to look at, but when you are trying to make realistic graphics, quite often art and style go right out the window.

It might be my nostalgia glasses kicking in hard, but when I see this it takes me back to a simpler time, to a better time before the “realistic” graphics of the 32 and 64 bit era, before WoW devoured all of the Internet. It takes me back to the first Zelda, when exploring that world was the biggest task I had ever accomplished in my life. Ramble, ramble, ramble, the point is I want this belt because my heart will always be 8 bit.

*Note 44 inches long, not recommended for waists larger than 42 inches.

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