Ten Unique and Cool Bottle Openers

(For under $26)


There are few tools as essential to modern society as bottle openers. While “twist-off” lids are by far the norm these days, if you have ever been stuck in the painful situation where you simply must get a bottle open and no-one around has a bottle opener, then you know the need to have a good bottle opener lying around. Like the scouts say, “Be Prepared and never get stuck without alcohol”, or something along those lines.

 1. Happy Man Bottle Opener

unique and cool bottle openers
Nothing makes a man happier than when he gets to use his own “Bottle Opener”, so its easy to see why this guy has a permanent grin attached to his face.

2. Double Bottle Opener

Double Bottle Opener

One at a time, I guess that’s cool Happy Man, but real men can do two at once.


3. Universal TV Remote Bottle Opener

TV Remote Bottle Opener

This would have to be the epitome of either modern day slothfulness or ingenious design. I’m leaning towards the latter. Modern Day Genius!

4. USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

Brothers Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

This bottle opener has a mission. To boldly go where no bottle opener has gone before and crack open the bottles of diplomacy with foreign and alien species.

5.  One Handed Bottle Opener

One Handed Bottle Opener

Another example of sleek modern efficiency. Never again shall you be forced to use both hands to open your bottle. Useful for cool people, one-handed people, and cool-one-handed people.

6. Bottle Counting Bottle Opener

Bottle Counting Bottle Opener

This one is incredibly useful for those of us who can never remember just how many we have had. Dont waste brain space that could be used for other important things, let your bottle opener do your head counting for you.

7.  Credit Card Bottle Opener

Credit Card Bottle Opener

This one is a bit of a change of pace, as it is by far the most practical one for you to carry around with you. Slip it in your wallet and never be unprepared for spontaneous bottle opening again!

8. Bottle Opening Ring

Bottle Opening Ring

A ring that is also a bottle opener, how marvellously efficient. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, this hides the bottle opener right in the palm of your hand.

9. Pop-Off Bottle Opener

Pop Off Bottle Opener

This bottle opener actually bursts through the line of “fun bottle opener”, to “Incredibly Useful Bottle Opener”. This makes opening bottles as simple as can be. Simply put this in top of your bottle, push down and off pops the lid. My granny actually suggested this one to me, as she has terribly bad arthritis and without this, she would never be able to open a bottle again. Thanks Granny!

10. Zombie Bottle Opener

Zombie Bottle Opener

They might be coming more and more pass’e by the day, but I will always hold a special place in my heart for this zombie bottle opener. He’s Just so damn cute! ..edit.. (My boyfriend has just informed me that this is in fact not cute, and if this is cute then I am no longer allowed to call him cute. But this is cute isn’t it?)



Vampire Teeth Bottle Opener

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