What could possibly be better than a giant Gummy Bear lamp that turns on and off when you squeeze its tummy? Nothing I tell you, nothing!

These Gummylamps feel just like the real thing, squishy and gorgeous.

It is powered either by 2 AA batteries or via a USB cord, and the sexy people at Jailbreak Toys have been kind enough to provide you with a DC to USB adapter.

Unfortunately the taste leaves something to be desired. As soon as I got mine I took a giant bite out of it and was rewarded with a giant mouthful of what tasted exactly like plastic. My second bite was equally unsuccessful, and it lead me to believe that perhaps these weren’t designed to be eaten at all. I am determined to get all the way through mine, but I have recently started to glow orange when my boyfriend squeezes my tummy. I don’t know if I should be ecstatic or worried.


Gummy Lamp

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