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Faster Than Light Review

If you have ever said to yourself “Just one more turn” and ended up playing the game for the rest of the night, then you will be right at home with Faster than Light.

Faster Than Light is some seriously nerdy fun. In FTL you are given command of a spaceship. Not just general steering and laser pew-pewing commands, but ultimate command over every system that makes up your spaceship. It main goal is to recreate the atmosphere of running all the parts that make up a spaceship hurtling through the galaxy.

This is the first release of a game that has been funded by the community via a Kickstarter project. It gained some massive support from the gaming community, and thankfully they delivered exactly what we were promised – a great game.

This is an incredibly addictive game that gives you an incredible amount of control over the battles that it puts you in. For example, your engine may have just been damaged in a fire fight  so you don’t have enough juice to power both the defence shield, the oxygen generators and the offensive guns, so what do you do? You can take the oxygen offline for a few minutes an reroute that power to the guns while everyone breathes the air that is left in the room, or you can take the guns offline and put it all into the shields while you take the time to repair the engines. Both strategies are equally valid, it’s entirely up to you what kind of spaceship captain you want to be.

These videos should give you some idea of what this game is about, but no matter what, playing this type of game is always going to be immeasurably better than simply watching someone else play it.

The Official Trailer

FTL: Faster than Light – Trailer from Justin Ma on Vimeo.

WTF Is… FTL Faster than Light?

These might not be the typical Faster than Light reviews, but they give you a greater idea of what you are getting into.

FTL is a Rouge-like, in that when you die, you die. Once your ship goes down there is no recovering from previous saves. This adds another layer of atmosphere to an already atmospheric game.

It is available in a few different places, but the best way to buy it is straight from the developers website. This gives you a Steam key for the game, a DRM free installer for Windows, Mac and Linux. The best part is that the developers get 100% of the proceeds.

But it is also readily available on Steam, for $8.99, or on GOG for the same price.

Just Give it a go, trust me. I didn’t think that this type of game was my cup of tea, but a friend demanded that I just have one game. That one game turned into two game which turned into about 3 hours of my day, and would have been more if I could have gotten away with it.

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