The Top 10 Game of Thrones Gifts for 2012

Check out our new list of 26 Game of Thrones Gifts for Under $26.

This could also easily be titled “Things that I really want for Christmas”

Since the release and resounding success of the HBO series of a Game of Thrones, there has been an explosion in the amount of Game of Thrones merchandise that once can purchase. Sadly not all are created equal, so we present to you in no particular order our list of the top ten Game of Thrones gifts for this Christmas.

The Top Game of Thrones Gifts for Christmas 2012

(For under $26)

 Letter Opener $20

Game of Thrones Sword Letter Opener

Straight from the official HBO store comes this letter opener with Game of Thrones printed on the side. The perfect gift for small people who love to stab things (No offence intended Tyrion).

Game of Thrones Heat Sensitive Mug $18

game of thrones heat sensitive mugs

These mugs are really truly, very cool. They change colour from black to white as they get hotter and hotter, and then back to black as it cools down. Check it out at the official HBO store.


 Game of Thrones Steins $20

game of thrones stein

I chose to show the Stark family Stein as I am a man of noble wolf blood through and through, no matter how many Starks we have to go through, but there are Steins available for most of the major family’s portrayed in the show including the Targaryen’s, Greyjoy, Tully, Arryn, Baratheon, and the damnable Lannisters.

 Shot Glasses $7

Or if steins are not the preferred style of getting oneself inebriated, then perhaps a house themed shot glass is more your style?

One cannot really imagine Robert Baratheon with anything other than a great big Stein full of frothy inebriation liquid  but these are quite cool nonetheless, and again, they are available in many different house flavours.

Ah, but we will need something to place these beverage holders upon, shan’t we..

Coasters $11

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones Coaster Set

There are quite a few coaster sets out there but these would have to be my personal favourites. A set of four coasters bearing the sigils of four different royal families. You are going to have to fight over who gets the bloody Lannisters.

Phone Covers $20


These are neat little hard-covers for your Galaxy S3 or your iPhone 4 smartphones. Yes I realise that I am only showing off House Stark again, but their family has been through so much, they deserve all that they can get really.

Westeros Map $7

 Westeros Map

This is by far the most detailed map of the Game of Thrones world that I have seen. Other maps I have seen are blurry and missing so many places mentioned in the books and TV show, but this one is great. Sexy and full of lots of little details, just like Varys.

A Feast of Fire and Ice – The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook $20

 A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook

This one is certainly a little bit different. This is a cookbook full of authentic recipes from around the world of Westeros from a Game of Thrones. If you have ever wondered what roasted Auroch tastes like, you can now find out. It has a list of recipes from the show and the mediaeval dishes that inspired them, and recipes for each of them so you can try them both and marvel at how far the culinary world has come. It even has tips for stocking a medieval kitchen and modern substitutes for ingredients you cannot, or should not get.

This is an amazing book, full of great pictures, and some great mediaeval type recipes. A really unique gift this one.


2013 Game of Thrones Calendars

What better way to start the new year than with a Game of Thrones calendar. We have a couple of choices here. We could either go with the wonderfully illustrated “A Song Of Fire And Ice 2013 Calendar” or the HBO Version. I have to admit that I quite like the artwork from A Song of Fire and Ice.


 A Song of Fire and Ice 2013 Calendar $12

A Song of Ice and Fire 2013 Calendar
Game of Thrones Graphic Calendar 2013

Artwork by Marc Simonetti

  HBO Game of Thrones 2013 Calendar $12

Game of Thrones 2013 Wall Calendar HBO Game of Thrones Calendar


Season Two Soundtrack $15 

Game Of Thrones: Season Two Soundtrack

It is a well-known fact that the composition of music for the first season of Game of Thrones was thrown into a sort of chaos, when ten weeks before the show was to premier, the original composer of the music Stephen Warbeck was replaced with Ramin Djawadi. As a result, the music of the first season never really lived up to it full potential that was shown in its main titles opening piece. The second season however, is a different story. With plenty of time and the Czech Film Orchestra and Choir behind him, Djawadi produced a soundtrack that is nothing short of spectacular.


House Stark Panties $7

Game of Thrones Underwear

I’m not really sure what to say here other than House Stark Represent!

 Game of Thrones Bottle Opener $21

[sociallocker id=”3624″]game of thrones bottle opener[/sociallocker]

This Bottle Opener also get a special mention at it contains both my favorite quote and life motto on it.

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  1. The soundtrack for Game of Thrones has become one of my favorite soundtracks of all time very quickly. There is nothing better than starting my day off by waking up to the main theme as my alarm. Makes my whole day seem far more epic somehow…

  2. Alfred Spatchcock says:

    And for those of us who live in 2013?

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