Van Gogh’s Exploding Tardis Print – Doctor Who Poster

exploding tardis print

Of all the Doctor Who posters in all the world , I think this would have to be my absolute favourite. Similarly, of all the Van Gogh prints in all the world this is the one I love the most. Never mind that he didn’t actually paint it.

This comes from one of the most critically acclaimed episodes of Doctor Who ever, “Vincent and The Doctor” where The Doctor and his sidekick Amy Pond spot an alien in one of Van Gogh’s paintings and use that as an excuse to travel back to 1890 to meet the great painter.

Written by Richard Curtis, “Vincent and The Doctor” is one of the most poignant and charming episodes of a thoroughly charming series, that I could gush on in geeky love about for quite some time.

This is a 36 x 24 sized unframed poster. You can get it framed but that adds quite a bit to the cost. It does come with plenty of white space around the edges so you can frame it yourself if you so wish.

Perfect for covering up any cracks in your bedroom wall.


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  1. That was by far my fave episode of Doctor Who.

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