10 Gifts for the Geeks Kitchen

Your home is an expression of who you are. If you are broke, then your home decor will be made of cardboard boxes and milk crates, but if you are a geek then your home should be a full-blooded expression of your geeky-ness, full of wild and wonderful doo dads that only the wonderfully geeky will appreciate.


Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Set Phasers to slice with this pizza slicer for the Trekkie’s of us out there. Crafted in the traditional NCC-1701 shape, it might not actually have forward phasers on it, but then my opening would have sucked.


Infrared Thermometer

ThermoHAWK 200 Touchless Infrared Thermometer

Something actually useful for a bit of a change, this infrared thermometer will tell you the temperature of any surface within one second simply by pointing at it. Also works on liquids, but is not for medical use apparently, so don’t go sticking it anywhere you shouldn’t.


TARDIS Cookie Jar

Quite possibly the coolest cookie jar in the entirety of time and space, this actually makes the TARDIS noise when you open it up to get a cookie. Sadly it is not bigger on the inside, infinite cookies would be cool though.

Batman Ice Cube Tray


Planning on having a cool party? Nobody likes plain old cube shaped ice anymore. If it isn’t shaped like a bat then I don’t want it in my mouth!


Caffeine Molecule Travelling Mug

Caffeine Molecule Stainless Travel Mug

With the Caffeine molecule painted on the side, this is 8 inches of fun that you wont be able to wait to put in your mouth. Not all at once of course, just the tip.



Space Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers

We never knew the real reason that these guys wanted to land on our earth, we just shot them down without asking questions. Turns out all they really wanted to do was serve us salt and pepper. How bad do you feel for killing them by the thousands now?


Robot Tea Infuser

robot tea infuser

This little guy infuses your tea in a way that kind of makes it look like he is gleefully pee-ing in your cup. Whatever he does, it tastes great!! But if rather your tea to taste a little bit more evil then perhaps….


 Death Star Tea Infuser

It even comes with its own little Tie Fighter attached. I don’t know how much of a Tea drinker Darth Vader really was, but maybe that would have helped with his tiny little anger problems.  Actually, if you were feeling particularly blasphemous you could use this to brew some..


Official Star Trek Tea 

Just like Picard would drink. Although if you use the Star Wars infuser, with this Star Trek Tea then you may as well round out the big three by drinking it in this…

Tardis Mug

And let me make this very clear, I shall apologise not for having two TARDIS themed objects in the same list. Once can never have enough TARDIS’, you never know when or where in time you might misplace it.



Minecraft Magnets

Where's Notch

I finished my top ten list before I saw these, but they look like far too much fun to leave out. Play Minecraft on your fridge! Awesome-Sauce!



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  1. Stevo says:

    Nice List! Im ordering one of those Tardis Cookie Jars right now!

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