Floating Book Shelf


floating book shelf

No house is complete without one element of mystery, one small thing that cannot be easily defined by science, religion, or David Attenborough. This fits none of those categories really, but it is pretty damn cool anyway.
This bookshelf makes it appear as if it is floating in thin air. Woooooo spooky. Actually its just a very thin board attached to the wall that make’s it seem as if it is floating. No magic here sadly, that would be cool, then you could pretend you are living at Hogwarts school of magic and Hermione is just around the corner, waiting for you. Waiting for you….. waiting for me……
Sorry, sometimes I get sidetracked.

Anyways, this is a very unique little bookshelf, sure to turn heads. Even Hermione’s head hopefully.
Floating Book Shelf


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