Phantom Keystroker

Pure evil

Evil, pure pure evil. That is what this thing is, the purest of all the evils. What this does is randomly type in letters and number and move the mouse about, all independent  from the user.

Plug this into your least favourite co-workers computer and watch them die of frustration as their mouse moves on its own and the keyboard apparently gains a life of its own.

Set it to its scrited setting and it will randomly spit lines like this out to the screen

hello there
i am watching you
how about a nice game of chess
i get lonely on this desk

BE WARNED. If you work in a government facility, the use of one of these will likely get you fired and potentially arrested. There was a problem in the department of Defence a while ago where USB stick suck as this was found to be able to bypass many of their security features, so IT guys have come down hard on these things .But it would be funny.

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