Ice Cream Scooper and Stacker



Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

This is the easiest ice cream scooper ever. It cuts through even the toughest ice cream with a simple action and creates perfectly shaped ice cream scoops every time.

This makes serving visually stimulating ice cream dishes a breeze with its simple action. All you have to do is to push it into the ice cream, twist and lift it out to create perfect ice cream scoops every time.

Don’t believe us? I wouldn’t either, we are pretty damn shifty, but watch this video to see just how easy this puppy carves through ice cream.

See! See how damn easy that was! Even Granny could do it, if she wasn’t to busy trying to hook up with the pool boy. Granny! Granny get back here this instant! Good lord how I hate horny old people. GRANNY GET OFF HIM!

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