Lost Beer Pager

Biker Beer Pager

Lost Beer Pager – Biker Version

If you are anything like me then the first thing to go after a couple of beers is the short term memory. Once the memory is gone, it doesn’t take long for me to put my beer down somewhere and then totally forget where I left it.

Huzzah! Finally a solution for us forgetful drunks, the Lost Beer Pager!

All you need do to ensure you never again loose your precious beer is to keep your beer in the special beer holder, and clip the pager to your belt. Then, the next time you misplace your beer, all you have to do is page it. The beer will then light up and make a sound depending on which one you purchased. Genius.

AAA batteries and a shit-load of beer not included.

Gold Lost Beer Pager

Golf Lost Beer Pager

Casino Lost Beer Pager

Casino Lost Beer Pager

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