Corn Dog Maker


Bring the fun and nutrition of the carnival right into your home!

As you can see it cooks 6 corn dogs at a time, but the real power of this incredible machine has to be seen to be believed.

Limit yourself not to simple carnie flavoured corndogs. Whatever you can imagine, you can corn dog.

Chicken corn dogs, sausage corn dogs, pizza corn dogs, cheese corn dogs, sweet corn dogs, savoury corn dogs, pork corndogs. One could even potentially make a little corn dog, then batter it again and corn dog a corn dog. CornDogCeption!

It comes with a recipe book with a number of different formulas for goodness on a stick. One of my favourites is putting apple slices in a sweet batter and making a kind of apple fritter. Carnie-Licious!

The best part is, that as a coeliac I can finally enjoy what I have been missing most from the world of gluten and finally enjoy a Gluten Free Corn Dog.

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