Shark Fin Float for Kids

SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid

Allow your child to let the real monster inside of them out with this Shark Fin Float for kids. We all know that little kids are the real monsters of the world, so why not dress them up as such, while at the same time ensuring that they wont sink to the bottom of the ocean.

While these may seem almost counter-intuitive with the buoyant part of the float being on top of the child, they do actually work in keeping your child’s body on top of the water, rather than underneath it.

Most beginner swimmers swim with most of their body underneath the water, with this Shark fin float, the more your children are under the water, the more support it actually provides them. As they progress in ability and confidence, their bodies will begin to rise more naturally in the water, reducing the amount of lift provided from the fin. In other words, it will naturally scale with your kids swimming ability. Take that Floaties!

Another great thing about this floating shark fin is that it in no way hampers the child’s ability to flair their arms and legs like other floatation devices do.

If you still are not convinced that this will not help your child in the water, the Amateur Swimming Association in the UK has given its tremendous endorsement to this product. The Shark Fin Float also complies with ISO and life jacket requirements.

Also, and this is probably the most important bit, its dead cute.

SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid

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