Zombie Identification Chart T-shirt

When the inevitable Zombie apocalypse arrives, one of the most important thing is to know what you’re fighting against. Identify what you are fighting against and shoot accordingly

Crawler – Always aim for the head, and if Zombieland taught us anything it is to always double tap. Ensure that your zombie is well and truly dead, otherwise you will be dealing with these crawler zombies that will nip at your ankles until you put them out of their misery.

Shambler – the most common type of zombie, the shambler is a slow moving stock standard zombie that will attack in droves while being all limpy and whatnot.

Walker – Walkers, the most damnable zombie of the lot of them. These are the ones that look like they might be uninfected but when you rush up to them they try and take your neck out with a well placed bite. She might have been your teacher once, but now she is just and undead walker zombie so you had better shoot old Mrs Nickerson in the face.

Runner – Left 4 Dead type zombies, and possibly the most terrifying of the lot of them. These are quick, agile zombies that will have your neck out before you can say “Oh my lord, look how quickly that zombie is moving, he is so much faster than all the other i have seen today, we had best shoot him quick.”

Thriller – The dangerous thing about Thriller zombies is their coordination. Sure, any other type of zombies will eventually gravitate to form a mob, but Thriller zombies will eat your brains as a matching synchronized horde.

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