5 Minute Brownie Maker


let me type that again just in case you missed it.


If you aren’t sold by now then I don’t know what will do it.

This is a Brownie making machine that will allow you to make 6 little brownies at a time. The brownies it spits out are only about an inch long, but they are actually a good size. The tray is a lot deeper than it looks.

This is the ultimate machine for people in a hurry to get their brownie on. It cooks not only brownies but little muffins, cakes, corn cakes, just about anything really that you can imagine. Just pour the batter in and let her rip. It will produce little Twinkie sized cakes that come out all fluffy and delicious.

My partner is a coeliac, so we were actually a little concerned making gluten free brownies in this thing, as we thought that the lack of wheat in the cake and brownie mixes might cause certain problems in a machine such as this, but our concerns were unfounded. Our gluten free brownies came out moist and delicious, though it did take a little bit longer than 5 minutes.

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