Heat Sensitive Extinct Dinosaur Mug – $11

This is a very cool heat sensitive mug, that changes from awesome happy dinosaurs when it is cold to sad angry fossils when it gets hot.

My kid loves this mug, he has started asking for a hot drink with breakfast just so he can watch the dinosaurs turn into their skeletons as a good way to start to his day.

I must admit, even Dad think it is pretty cool, although it must come with a word of warning, do NOT put this in the dishwasher. We put our first one in the dishwasher and the dinosaurs came off and stuck to our pasta bake dish. It has a little warning on the bottom, but I missed that and had to buy another one. Still, I highly recommend this cup.

This video I found pretty much sums it up in an elegant, low budget kind of way.
I think Ross Gellar would love it!

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