Elephant Poo – $22

Well, this certainly is different.

poopsenders.com will send a bag of the poop of your choice (Elephant, Gorilla or plain old cow poop) to whomever you choose.

That’s right folks, no longer will you have to follow the neighbourhood elephant around waiting for it to do its business before you can send it to your arch-nemesis, poopsenders.com will take the bore out of sending poop through the mail.

From the testimonial page:

Not only was your poop some of the finest poop ever sent in the mail, but your placement of the “wanna find out who sent this” card within the poop forces the pooped on to actually sift through the poop only to find out that you’ll never tell them who sent them the poop. I just finally heard back from the pooped on friend and I almost pooped myself when I heard he dug through the poop to find out who sent him the poop. Stan – Chicago, IL

Sound like a winner to me.


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